WaChat: Integrate the Power of WhatsApp into Your Activepieces Flows

For developers seeking seamless and direct communication via WhatsApp in their projects, we introduce WaChat: the new “piece” from Activepieces that revolutionizes the way you automate messaging.

Perfectly integratable with other pieces via Webhook and the PowerWa API key, WaChat is the ideal solution for sending WhatsApp messages within automated workflows.

Add a level of interactivity and responsiveness to your services, enhancing the development experience and providing immediate communication.

With WaChat, enrich your Activepieces applications with the connectivity of WhatsApp, all in a few simple steps.

Attivazione account PowerWa

  1. Compilare modulo inserendo
    nome e cognome, prefisso internazionale, numero WhatsApp, indirizzo mail.
  2. Entrare nell'area riservata.
  3. Fotografare il QRCode per accoppiare il dispositivo.
  4. Area riservata > API
  5. Copiare chiave attivazione
  6. Copiare codice Json
  7. Activepieces, selezionare WebHook, inserire la chiave e il codice Json  e testare la connessione.